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I live in Copenhagen in Denmark, and here real estate prices have skyrocketed over the last 10 years.

As a result of that, it’s very expensive if you want to buy an appartement to rent out.
In the current market I would estimate a small 1 room apartment, at a semi central location would cost 100.000EUR.

I would need approximately 20.000EUR to buy 20% of an apartment, and then take a mortgage loan of 80.000EUR to finance the rest.
I’m not ready to put that much into one single investment.

On top of that, I dont know if i would be ready to get called any time during the day, or especially the night, about broken stuff, or other issues with the apartment, as complaints from the neighbors of the tenant.

Later on, i might sell of some of my investment and go for it, so i instead can keep all the profits to myself, but for now, i will stick to investing in real estate through crowdfunding.

Brickshare – A danish crowdfunding company specializing in real estate

I have invested through a danish crowdfunding company called Brickshare, that specialeses in crowdfunding of real estate, as the name might indicate.

As of now, i have only read positive feedback from other clients, and they have top rating on Trustpilot, so i’am looking forward to sharing my own experiences.

Here is a little overview of my account

For now i have invested in “future” projects, so it takes a while before i will starts seeing some return on my investment.

Brickshare promises a 4-6% return through income from renting out the apartments.
If the real estate marked continues as it has for the last 10 years, the valuation of the apartment will also rise.
A rise in equity means if i were to sell my shares some day, my share should hopefully be worth more than when i bought it.

If you are interested, feel free to open up an account here

Check out how my investments are going here

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