My motivation for Financial independence

My motivation for financial independence started the first came across the term FIRE in the Summer of 2018, when I was 27 years old.

Earlier in 2018, I had experienced some sort of infections in both of my hands, which was related to artheritis.

Luckily i got some injections with adrenocortial hormone, which made it go away after a week or two.
While it was going on, movement in my hands where were limited, and painful.

Thinking about the future

The problems with both my hands really got me thinking a lot about my future, I started questioning if i was even capable of working till i i turned 68 years old.
A lot os thoughts started spinning around in my head.

I though to myself, maybe i shouldn’t be afraid of not being able to work, and instead seek financial independence, so I can choose for myself when i want to stop working.

Hopefully it will be because i want to stop working when I retire, and not because of anything physical, or psychic that I will have to stop working.

Working for the next 41 years?

Thats a no thank you!

Knowing that if i don’t achieve financial independence myself, I would more or less be forced to work, I really got motivation to look more into what FIRE really is.

As i started thinking a lot about my future, and how everything should turn out, i also started wondering, would i even be interested in working for the next 41 years?

I doubt it, or at least i do not want to fell forced to stay in the hamster wheel, I would prefer to have my own saying in when i would like to retire.

I would prefer to retire early if i want to, and not because I have to.

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