Invest in crowdlending

Also known as peer-to-peer lending, or p2p in short, is a a intuitive way to lend out your money, and make a passive income earning.

When investing through crowdlending platforms, you lend out your money to international loan originators.

Loan originators then lend out your money to their customers.

The customers, that are either private individuals or businesses, take consumer loans, mortgage loans, car loans, business loans etc.

For the service of borrowing money, they of course pay interest to the loan originator.

Part of that interest get passed on to you, so basically the loan originator does all the work, and you get a piece of the cake.

It is lending form that is becoming more and more popular, as you bypass banks and all their restrictions and regulations.

In a lot of countries, it is almost impossible to get a loan from a bank, therefore some also see p2p lending, as a way to create growth in developing countries.

What to consider before investing in peer to peer lending

Invest in crowdlending
Invest in crowdlending

Naturally, I did a lot of research before i started investing in crowdlending.

You should always do your own research, and make your own decisions before investing in anything.

Before I started to invest, I made a list of pros and cons for putting my hard earned money into crowdlending.


  • High interest rates, most of the platforms have interest rates from 8-16% 
  • Helping new business ideas in developing countries
  • If you go for loans with Buyback a loan originator vouches for the loan if a borrower doesn’t pay back in time. 
  • Auto invest, means no work but to check your income


  • A relatively new product. uncertain how platforms and loan originators will cope in though times.
  • Risk of losing your money if loan originators goes bankrupt. 
  • Some platforms could be a ponzi scheme

Conclusion on investing in peer to peer lending

Even though it is a fairly new product, a lot of the sites have existed for several years, with good track records.

As with any form of investment there is risks, but in my opinion if you diversify enough, you should not be too exposed to scams or bankrupts.

Stick to investing on platforms where other people have good experiences, and only in loans with buyback guarantee.

To me, the pros by far outweighed the cons, so I started to invest in crowdlending in July 2018, and till now haven’t had any issues.

Always use your common sense when investing.

My top picks for Crowdlending:

A clear number one has to be Mintos

They have the biggest diversification, average interest rates, easy to use platform and a lot of loans!

Read my review of Mintos here

My number two has to be Grupeer

They offer high interest rates, are often adding new loans.

Read my review of Grupeer here

My third choice is Robocash

Robocash has fixed interest of 12% on all loans, an the easiest platform to use.

Read my review of Robocash here

Any comments or questions? feel free to write them below.

You can check out how my investments are going here.

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