Review – Grupeer

Grupeer has some of the highest interest rates on the European crowdlending market.

The platform is relatively new,  as of Oktober 2018, they have issued loans for over 13 million euros.

What i particularly like about the site is, all loans are with Buyback guarantee.

On top of that, some of the loan deals are development projects, where you can see live video of the projects, makes me feel a bit more secure, that its not just a scam.

Setting up an account

You can make your own account Here .
You just need to type in your basic information, and your ready to start investing.

After signing up, your ready to transfer money to the platform, from your bank or your preferred transfer service. 

I always use Revolut to transfer money to Grupeer, its easy, fast and free!

While your waiting for the money to arrive, you can set up your auto invest

My auto invest settings

For the moment there is plenty of loans on Grupeer, so you are free to set your min interest rate higher than 10%

The settings are quite limited, I am sure that will change in the future, as they get more investors on board.

Overview of my account

Ive been Investing for one full month, and till now all loans are paid on time.

So far I am super pleased with Grupeer, and I will for sure be adding more money soon.

Easy site to use
High interest rates
Live footage of development projects

Newer site
As always a risk when investing in crowdlending

You can check out how my investments on Grupeer are going here.

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