About me – Putting things into perspective

My name is Patrick, I’m 27 years old, I live in Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark.

For the past 5 years, I have just been saving up more and more money, as my income has risen, and my expenses has been somewhat stagnant.

I live with my girlfriend, we are both working in the same sector, within transport and logistics.

It can at times be stressful and hectic work, I enjoy it though, and a love to have a lot going on.

But I am not sure, I will be able to keep doing it once i get in my 50’s or 60’s

That is also one of the reason, i started looking into the FIRE concept.

Exploring the world

We have been traveling a lot, especially to Asia, and have been very fortunate, being able to see, and experience a lot.

Seeing people living on a piece of cardboard, not having anything, has really opened my mind.

I am very fortunate living in a welfare state like Denmark, if i cant support my self, the state will.  

Svamp houses in Cambodia

It really puts the small everyday problems into perspective.

Once in a while, I can get a little annoyed that we have stuff everywhere at home.

We are two people living in a small flat, but we are living a good life, we do not need to worry about getting something to eat, or having a roof over our heads.

It really put things into perspective,  when you have seen people smiling, even though they have nothing.

All of the photos used on the page, are taken on our trips.

You get zero interest in the bank

At some point, my bank turned my interest % down to zero

Funny thing, it was only for the money i have in the account, not on the morgage for the appartement.

So I started looking into alternatives places, to place my money.

On the other pages on my blog, you can get read my thoughts, and how i invest my money.

For now i have kept to real estate, crowdlending and stocks.

And make sure to checke the current status of my investments here

I hope you will enjoy following my journey, and feel free to comment or ask questions!


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