Update December 2018

So, last update for 2018, Christmas is over, and a new year is right around the corner.

It has been another month of a stock market bleeding red.

Luckily I’m not that heavily invested in the stock market yet.

Maybe it’s the perfect time to buy up some stocks at a cheap price?

I have some extra cash on hand, as Brickshare couldn’t get the right permission for one of the projects i invested in, and therefore paid me back my 1342€ + 10€ in interest.

Revolut got their EU Banking license!

That means, when everything is in order, your money will be “insurred” up to 100.000€ by the European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS)


Once again, i have been adding money to crowdlending.

700€ in total ( 200€ to Grupeer Fastinvest and Swaper and 100€ to Robocash)

I also decided, that main part of Decembers paycheck, is also going to get reinvested into Crowdlending

Then from January, I will start diversifying a bit more.

PlatformInvested amountEarned last monthTotal intrest earned
Account value
Mintos2000€ 16.36.€48.99€ 2048.99€
Grupeer1000€8.11€ 28.20€ 1028.20€
Fastinvest500€ 4.67€ 13.06€ 513.06€
Swaper500€ 3.19€ 7.53€ 507.53€
Robocash500€ 5.57€ 11.24€ 511.24€
Peerberry100€ 0.88€ 2.15€ 102.15€
Total4600€ 38.78€ 111.17€ 4711.17€


Not really to keen about writing about stocks, another blod bath on the stock market.

Mr. Trump cant seem to hold back on his statements or outbursts, and no one seems to be safe.

That equals another unsure moth, where investors are withdrawing their money.

The danish OMXC20 market, is down by 1,87% in December and down by an astonishing 12,87% in 2018.

Dow Jones fell 10,27% in December! and is down by 11,84% in 2018

Nasdaq was down by 10,75% in December! and by 10,29% in 2018

The sale is one 🙂

As for my stocks, you can check out the current situation here

Real Estate

As i wrote in the beginning of my post, Brickshare failed to get some sort of technical permission.

That equals my Real Estate investments are almost halved.

Besides that, no income so far, I also invested 200€, into 2 differenct projects on housers.com

One had unforseen costs, and the other couldent find a tennant, so they couldent pay any interest.

As i am only testing out housers, I wont add more money, before it improves.

New investments in December

700€ in total ( 200€ to Grupeer Fastinvest and Swaper and 100€ to Robocash)

216€ – In ETF’s

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