Update January 2019

First month of the new year, exited to see how it has turned out.


Once again, i have been adding money to crowdlending.

1000€ in total ( 500€ to Fastinvest and Swaper)

At the moment I have about half of my investments in Crowdlending.

I feel like i need to diversify a bit more, but on the other hand, I cant figure out what way the stock market wants to go.

Finally, I can start seeing some noticeable profit rolling in, 57,9 Euros last month.

PlatformInvested amountEarned last monthTotal intrest earned
Account value
Mintos2000€ 24.19€ 73.18€ 2073.18€
Grupeer1000€14€ 42.2€ 1042.2€
Fastinvest1000€ 7.69€ 20.75€ 1020.75€
Swaper1000€ 5.71€ 13.24€ 1013.24€
Robocash500€ 5.58€ 16.82€ 516.82€
Peerberry100€ 0.73€ 2.88€ 102.88€
Total5600€ 57.90€ 169.07€ 5769.07€


I bought for 1000€ in Nordea – A major Scandinavian bank
and for 1000€ in Novo Nordisk – International pharmaceutical company

Generally it has been a good month, only downside was Spar Nord Bank

One of their clients got convicted of fraud, and the bank lost 6 million euroes

That is a considerable amount for a smaller bank, and it sent the stocks down over %5 in 2 days

As for my stocks, you can check out the current situation here

Real Estate

I feel like i need to invest more here.

On the other hand apartment prices in may major European cities has started to go down.

And I’m not quite sure how, or where to invest.

Brickshare havent added any new projects, and till now, I’m not that impressed with housers.

Hang on here, I got 0,15€ from housers 🙂

Nice to finally see the first revenue from my real estate investments, even though its a tiny amount.

New investments in January

1000€ in total ( 500€ to Fastinvest and Swaper)

1000€ 25 stocks bought in Novo Nordisk – Danish pharmaceutical company

1000€ 125 stocks bought in Nordea – Major Scandinavian bank

200€ – In ETF’s

I’m really looking forward to February!

Will be going on holiday, and really looking forward to it!

Going to be nice to see the sun, and also clear my head a bit.

I’m hoping I can try to not look at anything about investments, or the movement of the stock market for the duration of my holiday 🙂

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