Update February 2019

Passive income is the best!

So I just came back from holiday, 3 days in Qatar, and 12 days in Sri Lanka

It was a really good trip, a lot of cultural impressions, and some relaxing at the beach in the end.

I managed to not look at my investments, so now I’m even more exited to see the status.

Added 1000€ to Crowdlending 500€ to Mintos and 500€ to Robocash

Milestone, I have now invested for more than 100.000DKKR (13.333€ )


I have been speculating a bit about if I should focus more on other investments.

Even though I ended up adding another 1000€ this month.

It is just an easy way to invest, and you can just keep seeing the interest rolling in.

PlatformInvested amountEarned last monthTotal intrest earned
Account value
Mintos2500€ 19.13€ 92,.8€ 2592.18€
Grupeer1000€12.2€ 54.4€ 1054.4€
Fastinvest1000€ 9.49€ 30.24€ 1030.24€
Swaper1000€ 9.68€ 22.92€ 1022.92€
Robocash1000€ 5.38€ 22.92€ 1022.92€
Peerberry100€ 0.74€ 3.62€ 103.62€
Total6600€ 52.62€ 225.56€ 6825.56€


My passive investments paid out dividends of 22,62€

Not that bad for a 800€ investment especially when 2018 was a bad year for stocks.

All passive income of course gets reinvested, so they can make even more passive income.

Else than that, not much happening, it goes up and down all the time

I will need to diversify a bit more, all my stocks are danish, and 3 of them are within the same sector.

Real Estate

Still looking for the right opportunity here to invest some more.

No news about my current investments, but we are nearing the day for my first repayment from Brickshare.

New investments in February

1000€ to Crowdlending 500€ to Mintos and 500€ to Robocash

240€ – In ETF’s

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