Robocash review

A crowdlending platform targeting primarily Euroasia and Asia!

Robocash was actually one of the first crowdlending platforms I started investing on.

If you haven’t read my general thoughts about crowdlending, make sure to check them out here

When i first started out on the platform, they had interest rates of up to 14% as i recall.

Unfortunately for us the investors, they have since then decided to put a fixed interest rate of 12% on all loans.

But look on the bright side, 12% interest rate, with buyback guarantee inst that bad after all!

Filipino loans

Another thing I really like about the platform is, that it offers loans to Filipino consumers.

I  have been traveling around the Philippines, and have seen the potential for micro loans to entrepreneurs.

Tourism is booming, and that gives opportunities for the locals to invest in a small bar, Tuktuk or other low cost investments.

Filipino investment

Hopefully those small investments, should give them a chance of making a better life.

But that is a whole other story, lets get back to the investment part!

Get started!

You can create and account here

Signup is really simple, and only takes a minute or two tops!

Transfer money, I always use Revolut to transfer money to Robocash, its easy, fast and free!

After you have transferred the desired amount, decide how to set your auto invest, it is really as simple as that.

As an inspiration, my auto invest settings are set to:

Robocash experience

After you have started investing, your starting page / summary should start to look something like this

Robocash review
Robocash review

Then its just to sit back, and wait for the interest start ticking in!

Pros and cons about investing on Robocash


  • A lot of short term loans of 30 days or less – You can quickly get your money out!
  • Buyback guarantee on all loans.
  • Robocash has a solid business, and solid profit records.
  • One of the easiest interfaces to use.


  • Most of the loans are to companies in Euroasia / Asia – Which I see as high risk markets compared to mainland Europe.
  • Not that high diversification – A limited number of loan originators.
  • For advanced investors, not that many manual options or statistics to use.

If you use my link here to sign up, we will both get a small bonus.

hope you could use my Robocash review, if any comments and questions, make sure to reach out!

Make sure to check out the current status of my Robocash and other crowdlending investments here

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