European dividend stocks

I decided early on, that the foundation of my investments should be stocks that pay out dividends.

Here I will list some of the European dividend stocks, that I already have, or would like to add to my portfolio in the future.

Make sure to check out the current status of all investments here

ABB – Robotic manufacturer

ABB dividend stock

Is most likely a lesser known company, as they don’t supply products for our normal everyday life.

Measured on revenue, ABB is the 6th largest company in Switzerland

ABB mainly produce automatization robotics, which in general are in high demand.

As bigger parts of the world gets higher and higher living standards, the need for robots, to do easy and standard tasks rise.

Share prices and earnings are highly depended on economic growth.

I personally believe automatization and robotics have a bright future ahead of it.

Therefore I see it is a share that could rise in value and dividend.

ABB pays out yearly dividends that have swung a lot over the years from 0,17$ to 0,8$ over the last 5 years.

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Currency: Swedish Kroner

Traded on: Nasdaq Stockholm
Geographical: International
Market: Technology

BP – British multinational energy company

BP dividend share

Are one of the world’s largest energy companies.

Measured by revenue, they are also one of the biggest companies in the world.

Energy is something that will continue to be in high demand.

It might be that it will change over to more Eco-friendly variants over time, but it will be over a long period.

Is not a stock for investors that wants to keep their investments as ethical correct as possible.

But after all, most of us are dependent on fossil fuels somehow in our everyday life.

Pays out dividends 4 times a year, and have been rising its dividend for the last 5 years

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Currency: British pounds
Traded on: London stock exchange
Geographical: International
Market: Energy

H&M – European fashion giant

H&M dividend stocks

Also known as Hennes and Mauritz should need no further introduction.

The Swedish fashion giant, has over 4000 stores, spread out over 62 countries.

The brand is well known around the world, but has had a hard couple of years stock wise.

H&M were a bit slow turning from physical retailing to more online based retailing.

That has devalued the stocks a lot in 2017-2018, but they have kept their dividend at 9,75 SEK pr. Share, which has given a much better price to earnings value.

Here you can see their financial results for the last five years.

H&M has a solid brand, and a good business plan, If they manage to improve their online sales, I’m sure we will see an increase in the valuation over the next years.

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Currency: Swedish Kroner

Traded on: Nasdaq Stockholm
Geographical: International
Market: Fashion / Retail

Novo Nordisk – Major danish pharmaceutical company

Novo nordisk dividend stock

One of the biggest private companies in Denmark.

Is primarily known for their production of insulin, used by diabetes patients. 

They have at least 4 more years with patent on their long lasting insulin Victoza (till 2023).

Novo Nordisk are also producing and researching other drugs.

If their current trials get approved for human use, they have a very interesting pipeline.

Most importantly one of the products they are testing, is insulin in tablets, which would be a game changer.

Normally they pay out dividends twice a year, once in March and once in August.

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Currency: DanishKroner & US Dollar
Traded on: Nasdaq Copenhagen & New York stock exchange
Geographical: International
Market: Pharmaceuticals

Unilever – Major consumer goods manufacture

Unilever dividend stocks
Unilever dividend stocks

They are one of the largest consumer goods producing companies in the world.

It is a British-Dutch company, that has a wide range of products and brands within food/beverages/Cleaning products/Personal hygiene and etc.

Some if it best known sup brands are: Axe (Personal hygiene) Knorr (Food products) Lipton(Tea/beverages)

A wide variety of brands and products, so even if one has a bad sales year hopefully the others should make up for it.

Unilever should be considered a “safe” or “defensive” stock to have.

It shouldn’t have big ups or downs, as demand is not rising in the west, but only a little with the emerging markets.

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Currency: Euro

Traded on: Several stock markets
Geographical: International
Market: Consumer goods

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