Fast Invest review

Lending out money through Fast Invest to crowdlending is a joy.

Since they introduced their new layout and interface, it is every statisticians dream!

Registration is a 2 step process, and is fast and easy to do.

Fastinvest crowdlending

Make your registration here

After setting your account, and getting verified, your ready to transfer money to invest.

Check out my guide to Revolut to transfer money to Fast Invest, its fast, easy and free!

While waiting for your money to arrive, make sure yo set up your auto invest settings.

Personally, I like to keep it as diversified as possible, therefore my max pr. loan is set to 25€

Interest rate, I have sat to a minimum of 11,5%, as I feel around 1% a month is worth the risk.

Once your money arrive, they will automatically start making interest to you!

Fastinvest guide

After a couple of months, you will start to see the effect of compound interest!

I really like the statistics page, it simplifies keeping track of your peer to peer lending results.

Also the starting page has a really neath and good overview of the current status.

Pros and cons about investing on Fast Invest


  • Most innovative interface I have seen so far
  • Buyback guarantee on all loans. 
  • Over 27.000 registered users
  • High interest investment loans


  • Has gained a lot of popularity, so at times there is cash drag.
  • Has agreements to keep loan originators “hidden”, should change in future agreements.
  • Limited number of loan originators.
    Makes it difficult to diversify across a large number of loan originators.

If you use my link to sign up, we will both get a small bonus.

hope you could use my Fastinvest review, if any comments and questions, make sure to reach out!

And make sure to check out the current status of Fastinvest and my other crowdlending investments here

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