Update March 2019

So during March i have been sticking to stocks, and decided I will keep to that for a couple of months.


As I indicated above, I have decided to stick to stock investment for a couple of months.

Now I will just let the crowdlending investments do their thing, and keep reinvesting interest income.

PlatformInvested amountLast monthTotal interest
Account value
Mintos2500€ 23.02€ 115.12€ 2615.12€
Grupeer1000€11.15€ 65.55€ 1065.55€
Fastinvest1000€ 13.84€ 44.08€ 1044.08€
Swaper1000€ 12.65€ 35.57€ 1035.57€
Robocash1000€ 9.27€ 31.48€ 1031.48€
Peerberry100€ 0.86€ 4.48€ 104.48€
Total6600€ 70.79€ 296.36€ 6896.36€


Novo Nordisk paid out their dividend of 12,5EUR

As I wrote about last month, I had only bought company stocks in danish firms.

And if that wasn’t enough in lacking diversification, 3 out of 4 stocks where financial companies

But that changed during March.

I bought for 1000€ in AT&T the american communication giant.

They have a massive cash flow, and pay out dividends 4 times a year.

With that one investment, i got exposed to 3 new areas

Geographical to the US, currency wise, to the dollar , and lastly to the communication sector.

Nordea will also pay out their dividend start of April, but their X day was in March, so they took a pretty big dive.

Real Estate

Tried with another 100€ to housers, even though I haven’t got any intrest from one of the projects for over 6 months now…

Brickshare should have a new project out soon, which I look forward reading about.

New investments in February

1000€ for 37 stocks in AT&T

233€ – In index funds

100€ – In a new housers project

Make sure to check out the current status of all investments here

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