Update April

As I decided a couple of months ago I will keep to mainly stock investing for a couple of months.

I need to diversify my portfolio, and invest a larger part of my money in stocks.

During Easter, there were a big terror attack in Sri Lanka, and its strange to think we were only there 2 weeks earlier.

Something horrible like that, gives you a reminder to live, and not just save every single penny.

Nobody wants to be the richest dead guy 🙂


Still not much new here, it is really hassle free!

Not much else going on, than checking how everything is progressing.

PlatformInvested amountLast monthTotal interest
Account value
Mintos2500€ 23,95€ 139,28€ 2639,28€
Grupeer1000€13,48€ 79,38€ 1079,38€
Fastinvest1000€ 11,76€ 55,87€ 1055,84€
Swaper1000€ 9,98€ 45,55€ 1045,55€
Robocash1000€ 11,43€ 42,9€ 1042,9€
Peerberry100€ 1,08€ 5,56€ 105.56€
Total6600€ 71,68€ 368,51€ 6968,51€


Nordea paid out their annual dividend which gave 60€

Spar Nord Also paid out their annual dividend, which gave another 45€

CompanyThis yearTotal
Spar Nord45€45€
Alm Brand20,44€20,44€
Novo Nordisk19,3€19,3€
Coca Cola21,05€21,05€

One again, I have tried to diversify even more, with an investment into the energy sector.

I bought for 1000€ in BP the British energy giant.

A turnover of 300 billions USD$ in 2018 tells of a massive company.

Overall value has increased over April, but plummited over the last couple of days.

Real Estate

Added another 100€ to housers, paid solely by dividend from my stocks! 🙂

Brickshare should pay out the first dividend in March, exited to finally getting some return on my investment.

New investments in April

1000€ for 25 stocks in BP

200€ – In index funds

100€ – In a new housers project

Make sure to check out the current status of all investments here

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