Update May 2019

Another month has passed, and its time for yet another update.

Within the next couple of months, I will be making a big swith over with my investments.

I’m still not 100% sure how much I will turn it down, but that will be decided in June.

Everything taken from investing will be used to out my bank loan for my apartment.


PlatformInvested amountLast monthTotal interest
Account value
Mintos2500€ 24,52€ 163,8€ 2663,8€
Grupeer1000€11,83€ 91,21€ 1091,21€
Fastinvest1000€ 11,97€ 67,81€ 1067,81€
Swaper1000€ 13,15€ 58,7€ 1058,7€
Robocash1000€ 10,06€ 52,96€ 1052,96€
Peerberry100€ 0,87€ 6,43€ 106,43€
Total6600€ 72,4€ 440,91€ 7040,91€

Made 1€ more than last month!

Gotta celebrate the little things 🙂


Another interesting month on the stock markets.

Trade war between America and China is lurking, and that has made a lot of investors nervous.

the danish OMXC index is down by over 5% in May

The big drop culminated at the second last trading day, where the danish index dropped 2,81% in value.

The american markets are down with 5% and 7%, so a lot of FOMO online about a big drop coming soon.

Will be exiting to see what happens next month 🙂

Dividends this month:

Alm Brand – 20,44€
AT&T – 14,33€

Still a long way to go, before it will be amounts that will make a difference in my everyday life.

Even though, I really enjoy seeing my money is making a passive income.

During may, i bought 19 stocks in Unilever.

Unilever is a European conglomerate selling a wide range of beauty, personal care, food, beverages, household goods and you name it.

Some om the brands i know the best are: Axe, Knorr, Ben & Jerrys, Dove, Lipton and a LOT of other brands.

It is another defensive stock, shoulden’t have any big ups or downs, hopefully just a small consistent rise in value, and most importantly dividend payout.

Real Estate

Bought into a new Brickshare project for 1333€

And another 100€ invested into housers.

Started getting a little bit of Income from Housers, haven’t got that much invested, so not expecting that much.

New investments in April

1000€ Unilever stocks
1000€ Brickshare project
100€ Housers project

Make sure to check out the current status of all investments here

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