Update June 2019

Some really big news, I’m going to be a dad of lovely little girl!

I’m really looking forward to my upcoming role as a parent, and also in the future as a economical role model.

My girlfriends due date is set to the 18’th of December (fingers crossed it wont end up being on Christmas eve).

This new chapter in our lives, will also bring some economical changes.

First of all, we are going to liquidate our investments in active ETF’s.

This was a topic earlier on, as the fees were higher than the passive ETF’s

It was the only investment we had together, so getting rid of it will also make it easier for me tax wise.

They money will be spend on baby gear, and a new bed for ourselves.

Besides that, I’m going to really up the repayment of my apartment.

Currently i’m paying 800€ pr month, that is going to be raised to 2133€ pr month over the next 4-5 months.

I’m also gonna sell of 3 of my crowdlending platforms.

With that extra money, I should be able to pay of my apartment before we become parents.

That will leave me with a lot more money pr month, so there will be plenty of money to invest, and buy diapers still 🙂


100€ into Robocash paid for by my dividends!

72,73€ last month in interest income during June from crowdlending.

Everything has been reinvested of course to get compound interest

PlatformInvested amountLast monthTotal interest
Account value
Mintos2500€ 26,26€ 190,06€ 2690,06€
Grupeer1000€14,52€ 105,73€ 105,73€
Fastinvest1000€ 11,48€ 79,29€ 1079,29€
Swaper1000€ 8,39€ 67,09€ 1067,09€
Robocash1100€ 10,88€ 63,84€ 1163,84€
Peerberry100€ 1,2€ 7,63€ 107,63€
Total6700€ 72,73€ 513,64€ 7213,64€


Dividends this month:
  • 13,4€ in Dividens from BP

1000€ – Bougt Coca Cola stocks

Yet another boring defensive stock, shouldn’t have any big ups or downs, hopefully just a small consistent rise in value, and most importantly dividend payout.

I cant seem to figure out what way the stockmarket wants to go.

The downside of the extra payment of the apartment is, I will only be investing 133€ pr. month in passive ETF’s the next 4-5 months.

Real Estate

14,24€ – Got my first payout from Brickshare, equals just over 4% in dividend annually, not bad.

And a whopping 0,48€ from housers!

On a sidenote, as i have planned to pay out my own apartment over the next 4-5 months, I should have an expected equity of about 113.000€

Will be a good down payment once we find a house we want to move into.

New investments in April

1000€ Coca Cola stocks
200€ ETFS
100€ Robocash

My total value of my investments just surpassed 20.000€ and i’m stocked that it has gone this fast.

My progress in investments will slow down a lot for the rest of 2019, but luckily it is for a really good reason!

Make sure to check out the current status of all investments here

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