Update July 2019

As I wrote about last month, the next couple of months are not going to be that interesting investment wise.

I made my first extra payment on my bank loan, that means in July i paid of around 2140€.

Normally i “only” pay of 800€, so quite a big difference.

So I’m on track to becoming debt free before we become parents.


100€ extra put into Robocash

I’m going to liquidate a portion of my crowdlending, in order to pay out my appartment.

Once that is over, there will be more money to invest on a monthly basis.

68€ last month in interest income during July from crowdlending.

Was slightly lower than last month, but a couple of the platforms auto invests has also been stopped.

Everything has been reinvested of course to get compound interest


Dividends this month:
  • 6,9€ in Dividens from Coca Cola

The downside of the extra payment on the apartment is, I will only be investing 133€ pr. month in passive ETF’s the next 2-3 m onths.

Real Estate

9,5€ – From Brickshare, finally starting to get some return on my investment.

And 0,88€ from housers!

On a sidenote, as i have planned to pay out my own apartment over the next months, I should have an expected equity of about 113.000€

Will be a good down payment once we find a house we want to move into.

New investments in April

133€ ETFS
100€ Robocash

Make sure to check out the current status of all investments here

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