Update August 2019

Another month has passed, and we are closing in on autumn.

We were 10 days on summerholiday in Portugal, and a prolonged weekend in Hamburg.

Being of holiday of course equals expenses, but more importantly it replenishes energy.

It was our last holiday together before we become parents in December, which was kind of a strange but good feeling.

Again like the last month, almost all the money i usually use for investment went for extra payment on the apartment.

In August I have paid of another 2140€.

If all goes as planned, it should be paid of start of October, which seems really really close 🙂


As previously told, i’m going to liquidate a portion of my crowdlending, in order to pay out my apartment.

That means I have stopped reinvestment on Grupeer, Swaper, Peerberry and Fastinvest.

It will also give me a good experience in, how they cope with paying back the money you have invested.

Once that is over, there will be more money to invest on a monthly basis.

78€ from August in interest income, should unfortunately go down rest of 2019.


Dividends this month:
  • 14,33€ in dividends from AT&T
  • 7,3€ in dividends from Novo Nordisk

I havent really been keeping a close eye on the stockmarket.

But one thing is for sure, I have been overexposed towards the danish banking sector, and the danish bank stocks have had a turbulent time.

I’m more or less back to break even, and it has made it even more clear, I need bigger diversification.

Real Estate

I have really started considering saving up for another apartment, that would be bought with the sole purpose of beeing rented out.

It is an idea that I had a while ago too, but didnt really give much thought.

Now I have started to read about the subject, and studied the rules a little bit.

Buying a rental property is not going to happen anytime soon, I will have to save up a substantial amount for down payment.

Got a little bit from Housers, 1,86€ for August

New investments in August

133€ ETF’S

Make sure to check out the current status of all investments here

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