Update September 2019

September is over, and parenthood is getting closer and closer.

I’m really looking forward to my upcoming role, and my new responsibilities.

It seems like another repeat of last month status update.

Even though the investment part of my economy is close to none existing at the moment, its nice to see it is soon over.

In September I have paid of another 2140€ on my loan for my apartment.

On the last update, I wrote I thought everything might be paid of start October.

I’m not sure that is going to be happening though, as only one out of four crowdlending platforms are liquidated.


As written last month, I have stopped reinvestment on Grupeer, Swaper, Peerberry and Fastinvest.

Only one out of the four are paid out in September, and that was Swaper.

It has also been a pleasure withdrawing money from Swaper, by far the quickest of the four.

59,6€ in income for September, and it has taken a big dip from last month unfortunately.


Dividends this month:
  • 14 in dividends from British Petroleum
  • 6,63€ in dividends from Unilever

Last month, I was more or less back to break even, this month I’m up about 350€

It is really intriguing how it can fluctuate that much, and I’m exited to see once I will have much more invested into the stock market, how my nerves will handle big dips 🙂

Real Estate

Not much going on here, still investigating a little bit about the option of buying a condo to rent out.

Got a little bit from Housers, 1,32€ for September

New investments in September

133€ ETF’S

Make sure to check out the current status of all investments here

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