Update October 2019

Debt free!

Finally, the apartment have been paid of, and I’m super excited about that.

Making it, has meant liquidating a wast portion of my crowdlending portfolio.

But becoming debt free, means I will be back on track with monthly investments again.


Swaper is closed down for now, I have withdrawn everything, and it was by far the fastest and easiest platform to get your money back from.

Grupeer has a long way to go before all my money is back, as they dont have sell options.

Some of their loans are for years, so I will just keep them going, and withdrawing my money.

Robocash was my second favourite platform, and it has also been easy and fast to withdraw money.

At the moment the available loans are almost only from one loan originator, and I prefer diversification.

58,65€ in income for October, which is nearly the same as last month, which isn’t that bad.


Dividends this month:
  • 7,12€ in dividends from Coca Cola

Been another good month, and I’m now on +600€ in value.

On top of that, is of course the dividends, if you add them to the value, its +800€ which I’m really pleased with.

I keep reading everywhere the economy is about to collapse, and recession is coming.

Browsed through some old threads on online forums, and people have been writing that since the internet came out, so I will just stay true to my own strategy.

One day a recession will come, but I, and 99,9% of all people have no chance of foreseeing it.

Next month, I should be one stock richer, and right now I’m leaning towards Microsoft.

Low payout, but in my opinion a safe stock, and a company that almost everybody in the modern world needs.

Real Estate

Same as usual, not much, Housers is not that intriguing to follow, and no payout from Brickshare.

Got a little bit from Housers, 0,7€ for October

As I have drained almost all savings to pay out the apartment, I have to start saving up some money again, so I can make some real estate investments in the future.

New investments in October

133€ ETF’S

Make sure to check out the current status of all investments here

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