Update November 2019

First month full month as completely debt free.

It has been worth it, but I have also used almost all of my cash, so need to start saving up a bit too.

Super important to have an economical buffer, in case of unforeseen expenses.


Last month Swaper was finished, and this month my smallest one Peerberry is paid of.

Robocash is actually done too, the only money left, is the interest I have made.

43,12€ in income for November, dibbed 25% from last month, so starting to see the result of withdrawing money.


Dividends this month:
  • 16,04€ in dividends from AT&AT

Been a bit more down that up this month, and “down” to +500€ in value.

As I wrote last month, I was favouring Microsoft as my next buy, and it came out that way.

I cant see any real competitors to their main product Windows, and they have been able to rise their earnings over a lot of yours.

It has a low dividend payout, but as long as I get something for a super solid stock, I’m pleased.

Real Estate

Got a quarterly payout from Brickshare for one of the products, of 9,5€

Got a little bit from Housers, 0,66€ for November.

As I have drained almost all savings to pay out the apartment, I have to start saving up some money again, so I can make some real estate investments in the future.

New investments in November

1000€ Microsoft Stocks
133€ ETF’S

Make sure to check out the current status of all investments here

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