Update December 2019

Last update of the year, and what a month is has been!

This will be a bit more extensive than usual.

First of all and most importantly, on the 17th of December, my daughter was born, and I’m loving live.

Looking at her, really gives me the motivation to continue, and hopefully be able to “buy” myself more free time later on, to spend with her.

2019 has been my first full year of investments, later on in the post I will set some goals for 2020.

Will by exiting to follow throughout the year, if I’m able to for fill my own goals.


2 out of 6 platsforms are now liquidated.

Robocash will be done too, by the end af January, only got some 30€ left or so.

On Fastinvest there is 300€ left, so is nearing its end too.

35,48€ in income for December, fell another 25% from last month, so really starting to see the result of withdrawing money.

As I’m now done with paying of the apartment, I’m hoping I can start adding a little money into Crowdlending again next year.

Now I know what platforms are easiest to work with, and where its easiest and fastest to get your money back from.


Dividends this month:
  • 7,03€ in dividends from Coca Cola
  • 6,63€ in dividends from Unilever
  • 3,11€ in dividends from Microsoft

I took a gamble this month with my new stock of the month.

Astralis, the current best CS GO team in the world, went public with an IPO.

I think Esports in general how a bright future ahead of it.

I enjoy playing myself, and has been following Astralis as well, as a Dane your always a bit proud when other Danes do well on the international stage.

It was 100% a gamble, and not what i intend to invest in normally.

The offering was overdrewn with 77%, so I got less stocks than i signed up for.

Even though it it was overdrewn by a lot, somehow it fell 10-20% rather quickly.

Will be exiting to see how it turns on as I’m in it for the long run.

Real Estate

Nothing from Brickshare, and housers is so tiny so not really worth spending time on.

I have put my Housers shares up for sale.

I’m a bit tired of the fees, withholding of Spanish tax, and the excuses of why no rent was distributed.

Summary of 2019

2019 has been an interesting year, where i really started my invest4fire adventure.

I have really learned a lot, especially on the stock market that I hope I can put to good use in the future.

One of the goals for 2020, will also be to learn more, and try to use more time to study.

Therefore, I have a plan to buy another monitor, so I can use some of the “waiting time” while playing to study.

Total dividends from stocks: 277,38€
Total from real estate investments: 51,96€
Total from Crowdlending: 746,15€

Stocks are in value up with 937€, and on top of that comes the dividends.

All in all, a good year, were i defiantly learned a lot.

Totally invested – 18.967€

Total value of investments – 20.633€

Total passive income for 2019: 1.075,49€

Goals for 2020

Reach 500€ in dividends from stocks in 2020

Buy a new PC monitor, from stock dividends

Invest 1333€ per month / 16.000€ for the full year 2020

New investments in December

666 € Astralis Stocks
333€ in Palmolive Colgate Stocks
309€ Unilever stocks – Paid for by crowdlending
133€ ETF’S

Make sure to check out the current status of all investments here

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