Update December 2021

So, I have finally taken the time to do a new update.

2 years since the last one, and wow what a crazy couple of years.

First of all, I got my Daughter Mid December 2019, and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Now  this is a blog about my personal journey investing, but I of course created a monthly saving for our daughter, hoping it will help her get her first apartment, or whatever she wants to use the money for.

We bought a house a few months after we became parents, so I only had like half a year as debt free, before we had to take a 480.000€ mortgage loan to pay for our new home.

Give or take 125.000€ later of renovating, we are really happy with the result, even though we still miss some work.

Also one of the best “investments” made so far, a year and a half on, it is worth about 800.000€ (there is spent thousands of “unpaid” work hours though)

Looking back, not everything has been perfect though.

Grupeer – Was a scam, and I consider all my remaining money there lost (I believe about 700€)

Fastinvest – I managed to get all my money, but from what other people write I would not be investing in them

Mintos – I have two lenders owing me about 500€ for over a year, I doubt I will see that money again.

Housers – I can’t seem to sell my 3 last shares, and they have imposed a basic user fee, that means all the money I “earn” are eaten by their fees.

I had a break for a year or so from investing, as all my money went into the house.

But let’s try to see if anything happened

December 2019, my total invested value was: 20633EUR

December 2021, my total invested value is:   30363EUR        

Nearly 10.000€ more, and almost 50% more than what I had two years earlier, not bad, considering I did not have much room in my budget to invest while renovating.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

My main goal for 2022 is:

Invest on average 1000€ a month / 12.000€ over the course of 12 months.

A couple of sub goals are:

Make a new driveway, so we can get a new appraisal of our house, which should equal a cheaper mortgage.

If we suceed the above, I will adjust my expected invested amount for the reminder of the year.

I will try to consolidate to what I know works, and will be very very skeptical with crowdlending/crowdfunding platforms or other new smart ways of making “easy money”.

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